Monday, April 16, 2007

PHotoRealness, or I'm leaving right now

My friends came to visit from LA. One of them had an uncle who had died and his funeral was on Saturday. So being the good Mexicans that we are all we decided spend some time in The my mom said "el muerto al oyo y el vivo al gozo"? or something like that. The point is me and my other friend waited all day for our other friend until night came and then I knew it was time head out and put frankly: party or at least get the hell out of my studio.

So we headed to the
Gray Area Gallery which "...unveil its first ever photography showcase. Entitled PHoto REALness, the show frames itself around ten San Francisco based artists, all of whom are as prolific and iconic as the subjects in their work. Coalescing for the first time in a single venue, artists Robert Guzman, House of Herrera, Molly DeCoudreaux, Eric Stein, Keith Aguiar, Ken Woodard, Jody Jock, Mattie Gates, Alexx Conroy, Jessica Tanzer, and Jacob Sperber...". Yes, I know you're not supppose to chop up sentences like that but you know... So it was fun, until I had to leave early. Here are some pics:

the all mighty flier

checking out people

checking out the art

checking out the shoes

i like this: House of Herrera

i like this too, but i think its left over from their last show or at least it was in their backroom

this too: Trish Grantham "Good & Soory" 2006

afterwards we headed to a "gradiose" bar in North Beach in an alley far, far, far away

ay que piche cute

the night ended with tons of beer and listening to Chingo Bling

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