Tuesday, June 26, 2007

medical leaving

i'm on medical leave right now but apparently they want to fire me. isnt that against the law? anyways, i also got my wisdom teeth pulled out today...finally! my computer is still dead so how boring. blah blah blah. what no pictures??? paris is out! i guess she was over lynwood. i have to call my landlord...almost time for my pill.

the month is almost over...i got sunburn at pride.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

what up Lynwood?

sorry, but i cant help but laugh..sure, its probably buying me some time in hell but fuck it. i just met two guys who are awaiting a jail sentence due to a dui and here comes this girl thinking she can do whatever the hell she wants. fuck that. do you know how many times i havent read my mail, or didnt know something but still got in trouble for it? i just dont see why she should get away with it...this is America! if she wants special treatment then move to a third world country where corruption is accepted and digested. god, and they say immigrants are to blame for the regression of this country(but more on that later i dont want to get pissed off right now)...and i'm not promoting corruption in any country either.

i also went to first thursday and actually saw some stuff i liked...
so, art: http://wolfecontemporary.com/exhibitions.htm

but i somehow cant shake off the urban outfitters feeling...does that make sense? i'll put more pics up later.

and things seem really clear right now. this past weekend was like a rude awakening or something. i just looked around and was like (yes, that makes me sound stupid) like, like...this all bullshit. fucking up isnt cute anymore...for fuck's sake people are having kids, getting married, getting into huge debts(yes, plural), getting fine lines(including myself). damn, i'm getting old. thank god for tranxene...and you can google that shit yourself.

*first image "borrowed" from the dallasnews.com, photo by Nick Ut,AP. i put a new image cuz the last one "disappeared", maybe this one wont...maybe.

Monday, June 4, 2007

damn it, i have to walk home

no, wait. there was art...or at least passing by. first thursday coming up, and show saturday...and now, if only my stupid bike wasnt broken. and this shit is funny.

no art just red, or within its family

tomorrow i'm going to see the doctor to see why i have "insomnia". someone in the HR department wants to give me documents that will help my doctor out...what the fuck? i'm guessing its going to be a big fancy graph showing all the days i been late. saturday i watched 8hours straight of some guy traveling in Italy. when the Milan one came up i saw that they still use the rail carts that looks like the one above...like the one we have! i had always figured they had given us that one because they were using their new fancy pants modern ones. sure, they have newer ones too but they still use their old ones...blah blah blah.

then went ice skating for the first time and didnt even fall once...and to the castle. which i shouldnt have but i guess. then golden gate the next day...i like red.

Friday, June 1, 2007

the K Czar, dentist queen, and Code Pink

the weather really sucks here in SF. it almost feels like winter. i guess that means summer is really coming. hmmmm, i'm really going to miss fall when the weather is so dreadful you dont even want to go out...but you still do. yes, i will actually miss that. today i got a "written warning" next warning and i'm fired. i guess, next week i'm going to see the Kaiser Czar to look at all my health ailments and the dentist queen to get my wisdom teeth pulled out. so i guess i'll be getting some extra art materials soon.

here is the pic of the day or yesterday, i decided i'm taking a picture of everything.

the ladies of Code Pink, Women for Peace...i actually used to like eating my lunch here when i used to work in this area.