Friday, June 1, 2007

the K Czar, dentist queen, and Code Pink

the weather really sucks here in SF. it almost feels like winter. i guess that means summer is really coming. hmmmm, i'm really going to miss fall when the weather is so dreadful you dont even want to go out...but you still do. yes, i will actually miss that. today i got a "written warning" next warning and i'm fired. i guess, next week i'm going to see the Kaiser Czar to look at all my health ailments and the dentist queen to get my wisdom teeth pulled out. so i guess i'll be getting some extra art materials soon.

here is the pic of the day or yesterday, i decided i'm taking a picture of everything.

the ladies of Code Pink, Women for Peace...i actually used to like eating my lunch here when i used to work in this area.

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