Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thee Ohsees and Kid Sister...cuz thats how I roll.

Saw Thee Ohsees Thursday at the Echo, then Kid Sister Saturday at the Echoplex. I heart them both.

John D:

Thee Ohsees:

Thee Ohsees song, if you are interested, and duh, you are:

Kid Sis:

Kid Sis moves so much it was really hard to take her photo and it doesn't help that I hate flash...damn, that girl has so much energy!

Kid Sis new song, its not the close your eyes and listen to the song:

and apparently, this is how you solve the parking problem in the hood:

you rent two huge tow trucks and tell you guest to park there...huh? Is renting those trucks the new hood status symbol?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Love Evolution...Why so Contrasty?

Passing out...
Look the Asian Art Museum...
City Hall...the weekend was short but sweet. A reminder of how much I love going up the Grapevine. A Tear for San Francisco cuz I miss it... Does that make sense?

Oh yeah, Love Evolution was $10 this year and we ended up in some "warehouse" in the mission. Tried to crash a party but the party know. But it was really fun.