Thursday, May 31, 2007

"que tengo miedo perderte somewhere in LA"

quote above from Guillermo Gomez Peña's version of Besame Mucho.

pictures from the Corazon de la Mission Tour...which was damn funny, sad, and the most fun i had being a "tourist" or am i a tourist? and fine, i admit it . i really dont like performance ever but i actually enjoyed this. so i guess my faith in performance art has been restored.

the next day on the way to San Jose, or the longest ride ever...

at Lesley's pad...yes, i took that pic while i was in there. and the ribs were damn good.

it smells like paint fumes. i'm getting a headache.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

everybody and their mother! lets go to rehab...again!

i found some magazines the other day and in one of them i saw a miu miu ad with Lindsay Lohan that i really like. then today i saw/read on the superficial(sure, just the most realiable source in the world) that she got a dui, cops found coke in her car and now she is going to rehab...sad. but what are you going to do?

* image by miu miu, and according to their terms of agreement i guess prada or whatever. taken without permission but will gladly take down if you so desire.

and Japanther at the Hemlock Tavern tomorrow, who is in?

before i get yelled at

i keep hearing how people are doing heroine now, or at least smoking it. whats up with that? hmmm, makes me wonder if iraq is our vietnam,whats going to happen to us? i mean look at what happened to all those hippies after vietnam, and what happened to the soldiers. then again we were never really hippies, then again the war hasnt day weekend just passed. it was sad seeing all those mom cry and beg for their kids to not be sent back to iraq for the 3rd time(what the fuck?).

before my boss comes and yells at me here is one of my favorite illustrations by Eunice Choi, enjoy:

Monday, May 28, 2007


portrait of a crazy motherfucker by me

Friday, May 25, 2007

damn hippies

went to hippie hill a couple of weeks ago with danny. i dont think he like it very much...oh well i do except when it freezing cold.

see like a Monet painting, only with couches and golf?

crazy guy giving me the finger

drum circle...

and i guess this summer is going to be the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love so i guess with more reason (con mas razon)i be leaving on a perfect note. actually i'm a little worry about summer and with all the kids and their damn free time i think there might be a little too much fun...damn, i guess we will have to sacrifice ourselves.

art loves money

yesterday i blew the dust of my Hole CD and while listening i started to wonder who the hell it was that had done all the art work for them, or at least the cover. and surprise, surprise it was Ellen Von unWerth. i dont even know why i had never bother finding out who had done so many of the pictures of Hole. well i know why...cuz i didnt care about those things back then.

i heard on the radio Courtney Love is angry over a Dr. Martens ad in which Kurt Cobain, along with Sid Vicious, and Joey Ramone appear in heaven wearing the boots. the ad agency responsible for the ads are claiming its a homage to the dead heroes but i personally believe anything time you use a fallen hero to sell shit and not pay the surviving party/ies you arent really paying homage to no one. except maybe your is the ad, taken from

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

art falling from the sky and the neon, sequins mystery kinda solved

i'm fucking bored. they changed my hours at my job so now i have to stay here later then usual...which is hella boring. anyways, sunday sara and i decided to walk from 16th Mission all the way to the powell station. on our way home i spotted a journal on the floor. i guess if its yours hit me up(you'll just need to describe it) has a story about harold or something. the point is the journal came with some postcards(?)...

one similar to this by Jaime Scholnick...i love it when art falls from the sky, for free.

*image taken from

i also found an article on why all the kids are going crazy over neon and metallic crap. its by Dmitri Siegel, with pics by Mark the Cobra Snake. sure, i admit it me too but i personally just do it to annoy the shit out of people. and i just think it fun to wear tacky clothes. the article points out that if kids are wearing clothes that obviously makes them stand out they must not feel alienated or bored. i think i read it like 3/4 times over and over and nothing would stick...damn, i love fragmented incomplete sentences.

it wont stop until you stop

i've come to the conclusion that this (left) is probably stored in the same part of the brain as this (right)or at least the memory one, not the real one...

my mom told me she dreamt that somebody had me tied up and wasnt let me do anything...i also dreamt my former history professor was smiling, in that "i told you so" kind of way and asking me where the fuck my work was at. "i told you, you were smart"...whatever jarvel!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

everything is broken,literally

i cant find the charger to re-charge my batteries for my camera. my computer charger broke too, the little metal wires just gave in. fuck. hmmm, lets see what else? oh yeah i got a rejection letter last week but i already knew that was happening. and i spent bizillion of fucking dollars. damn it. sara g has an idea but i dont know how it going to work out...details still have to be worked out. i guess i'm going to this thing on friday at Encantada Gallery:

and going to the hayes valley Capsule Design Festival. i heard Jocelyn makes awesome turquoise jeweled t-shirts. so i guess there goes more money. talking about money...where the fuck is my pay check? anyways i have to call to find out if the El Corazon de la Mission tour is happening this weekend...which is: "an 80-minute audio tour scripted and narrated by renowned writer, border activist and performance provocateur Guillermo Gómez-Peña, who will perform live on The Mexican Bus with his longtime collaborator, cyborg senorita Violeta Luna..."

and i guess i never went to Bay to Breakers race which was this past sunday...and i googled some of Mr. Guillermo Gómez-Peña pics:

interesting fellow. a little intimidating but whatever...let's get aboard the Mexican Bus!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

and you know how i love those jenny girls

while talking smack yesterday with a fellow "friend" i was told to goggle Jenny Saville...good, cuz i had forgotten to write her name too. damn, when i'm going to learn to write things down...

i think i have insomnia.

Jaslene wins!

sure, i took a cab to work today,and left my delicious torta on the floor at my home but who cares when Jaslene won America's Next Top Model. ha ha ha...just the greatest show on earth! for a moment last night it felt like i was watching a boxing fight when suddenly the show got all ethnic pride and what not... then again doesnt it always end at that?

and just in case you missed it, in highest resolution possible...

and i would definitely love to see the cha cha mama gain some weight then again ...she is a model. and summer is here or at least it feels like it. and because great shows require great articles.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

awesome madness

so after the Luggage Store show on friday we headed towards the Mission and saw "Pistolitas de Azucar" curated by Raquel de Anda at Galeria de La Raza...and it was awesome. it was pure nostalgic Mexican goodness: they had clips of old telenovelas(Rosa Salvaje, Simplemente Maria), blah blah...just go see it.

the mighty flier, image from: Juan Carlos Quintana , "Juegitos de Guerra" American Lullabies Series Detail, 2007

Featured Artists: Mitsy Ávila Ovalles, Monica Canilao, The Date Farmers, Amanda Lopez, Juan Luna-Avin, Angelica Muro, Txutxo Perez, Michele Muennig and Juan Carlos Quintana.

my favorite was
Mitsy's stuff: check it out

Mitsy Ávila Ovalles, "Walter" Mixed Media, 2007
more mitsy...look juanga

evil looks, evil people... jk

lil loca, i'll put atist name later

and of course...the mandatory youtube lil loca

hmmm, so yeah i think this was one of the best shows i seen so far. you could even buy the soundtrack for one dollar.

i guess the only disappointing part came when we started to dance and nobody joined in. which i guess brings the following question: what's the proper dancing etiquette at a gallery? allowed, not allowed? proper? improper? i dont know but last time i was in LA we all had a fun time dancing at Tropico's. i mean come on, what do you expect when you play cumbias? Danny, i have a feeling we are not in LA anymore...

and artist talk Saturday June 9 @ Galeria de La Raza of course.

and now you'll never be alone again

i dont like this video but i love this song: Justice. did i forget to mention i've missed them twice already.

and here is them rubbing it in...ahhhh the power of "television".

and what the hell is going on? there is whales in the sacramento river? what the fuck? the kitties are almost out of school and i will soon get my health insurance.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

save club 6

i guess club 6 might close...tear. click on image to read.

no wi-fi!

i heard that the proposal to get free wi-fi all over San Francisco was shot down yesterday or the day before by the city council. Mayor Gavin Newson wanted to get it but i guess the city council thought it was a bad deal. god, i should be a reporter: this one thing happen by this guy somewhere in the city. anyways i feel like shit. i went to two art shows this weekend. i didnt take the greatest pictures. i felt akward.

rigo 23 @ the Luggage store. here some of his previous work which i will go look for as soon as my bike gets fix.

*photo by Hank Donat from the website

@ Luggage Store with some patrons of sort

close up
more people, i must admit i like taking pictures of people then art

and then i saw this guy who looks like my x-friend. funny, cuz i had first seen him at this other website. and funnier cuz you cant even see him in this pic but check out market street in the background.

hmmm, yeah. its cold. i feel like crap. i wasnt going to come to work today but i'm saving all my sick days for a very special ocassion or at least feel sicker. ..

Friday, May 11, 2007

commemorate, commemorate, commerate: i like that word

i guess i'll be making my second trip to san jose this month to commemorate Lesly's graduation and see Camille Rose Garcia's work. yes, killing two birds with one stone and get fed actually real food. meat! but today hopefully Mission Art Walk...(doubt) or dance party. and i know my birthday just passed but would it be too much to ask for, for a camille rose garcia painting for my birthday. pretty please? and i found out yesterday that people have bigger memories than i though...he he he. i better learn to remember people's name and be a good little fake politician. and that the world is super fucking small.

*all images camille rose garcia

Thursday, May 10, 2007


(Loretta Lux). Wasnt her stuff up at SFMOMA? or was it 49?

and now more of her art ...

* all images Loretta Lux

and look who we have here

I’ve only met Mr. Reyes Rodriguez a couple of times at his gallery, Tropico de Nopal, but I must admit it has been some of the funnest~ times I had. So much fun I even consider staying in LA. And one of those times even consisted of getting crap talk to me by a table full of men. Well I guess that’s what happens when you talk shit about LA but it was all in good, clean fun. The LA Weekly did a piece on him...fuck yeah!

~funnest is not a real word? thats hella wrong!
*photo by Kevin Scalon

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Holy crap, the motherland is burning!

why didnt i hear about this in my two hours of news watching last night? huh, huh, huh...i hope that there is no ash on cars like last time. that was scary considering we were in south east LA ...maybe i should call my mom. damn global warming! but these photographs make me want to consider being a photojournalist...or maybe i should just face the facts that this is it, or not.

*all photos AP, first two Matt Sayles, last two Reed Saxon...

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

time to enjoy global warming

Cinco de Mayo, and I woke up in the worst mood ever…again. Learned about Narco Corridos, The Mendez Case (which help end segregation in schools in California seven year before Brown vs Board of Education) and was reminded how many people die trying to cross the border all while listening to the radio (yes, I said radio). I was supposed to do four things that day but only ended up doing two. After hanging out at Civic Center, then watching the De La Hoya and Mayweather fight in the Sunset, I got home(downtown) to freshen up but instead realized how tired I was and went to bed. Next day: time to recoup at Dolores…

sun, sun, sun...

smoking in the park?

damn allergies

ay que cute

past and present? or future and past?

Monday, May 7, 2007

i might as well be eating pigeons

i missed all the shows i wanted to see this week...i seriously underestimated this madness. and now for sure i know someone hates my "painting". whatever...i did enjoy the sun yesterday and the chicken mole burrito at Papalote(22 and Mission?).and paris is going to jail. and the LAPD sucks, beating people up at the May 1 protest. and i learned why so many people have allergies that didnt have them before, because of damn climate change. "Researchers say the mechanism is fairly basic: there is more carbon dioxide in the air, which means more flowering plants, which means more sneezing and wheezing".

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May is here, April is gone...

i waited. i held out. and somehow friday came...the weekend is my weakness.went to ms.J's trunk show at Minna. impressive fine, beatiful jewelery and martinis

the art show still up

party time at Constance’s masquerade ball

not drunk...just dreaming of the secret boyfriend.

see i saw some art...fine, it was just a niagara poster

peacock performance art

nice shoes

ahhhhhhhhhhhh yeah...

why didn’t i think of this? nice dress made by her

hey children where is your mother? outside the party, in an alley, in the mission and i heard caredee from America's next top model was there and i went outside and no one was there. so if you got proof hand it over...not that i watched America's next top model...go Jaslene!

argh, i'm going to beat you up...don’t dry your fake fur in the drier...duh!

the bestest masks ever

the next day, at Minna (again) and the remainder of the fashion show i missed...not my fault though. that i missed it. backwards fragmented sentences.

dark laughter

and maybe i shouldn’t have taken this pic but whatever.
hey where the hell is Bigfoot?


tomorrow is May 1. get some sleep.