Tuesday, May 15, 2007

no wi-fi!

i heard that the proposal to get free wi-fi all over San Francisco was shot down yesterday or the day before by the city council. Mayor Gavin Newson wanted to get it but i guess the city council thought it was a bad deal. god, i should be a reporter: this one thing happen by this guy somewhere in the city. anyways i feel like shit. i went to two art shows this weekend. i didnt take the greatest pictures. i felt akward.

rigo 23 @ the Luggage store. here some of his previous work which i will go look for as soon as my bike gets fix.

*photo by Hank Donat from the mistersf.com website

@ Luggage Store with some patrons of sort

close up
more people, i must admit i like taking pictures of people then art

and then i saw this guy who looks like my x-friend. funny, cuz i had first seen him at this other website. and funnier cuz you cant even see him in this pic but check out market street in the background.

hmmm, yeah. its cold. i feel like crap. i wasnt going to come to work today but i'm saving all my sick days for a very special ocassion or at least feel sicker. ..

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