Saturday, May 17, 2008


Today was really hot. Damn "heat wave", recession, and high gas prices! I was suppose to go to Long Beach but it was too hot, especially in my car. Well at least I got my film of roll develop before it gelatisses* away...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

fondue making outside a gallery... on the floor

i don't know, the current state of things made me get up and leave LA (at least for the weekend). i was also really curious about this whole Gulabi Gang benefit show. funny thing is once i was in SF i didn't want to do anything. i almost didn't even in go to Oakland but whatever... it was a fun, weird weekend. here is some of that:

give all your money to this man! all of it!

music with Gulabi Gang photos

why were these girls making fondue on the floor outside the gallery? well at least they weren't cooking crack...

my lovely partner in crime

damn i wish i had a tripod, times six.

good bye... before the Bart stops running.