Thursday, January 31, 2008

while looking for a job

since i was in the area it didnt hurt to see some art, right? here is some work by the Seventh Letter Crew in the Robert Berman Gallery at Bergamont Station in Santa Monica. the show closes Feb 12, a fun fact i thought you should know...

here are some snippets

i really like this one

in conclusion, i couldnt help but to feel at awe while standing in the middle of the gallery. it reminded me of the times i spent in cathedrals, and couldnt help but to look up, and stare at the awesome massiveness of it all. now of to MOCA before © Murakami ends...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ever get the feeling you're getting old?

this definitely has to be my favorite pic of the kids from The Smell.

Last time I was in downtown LA I felt really old, and I am not (or maybe I am?). Then I realized that maybe I should start developing more “mature” tastes but then after running into a line of yuppies trying to get in a club I realized I was to “young” for that. Point is, downtown isn’t what it used to be baby! But of course everybody knew that already except for me…remember when The Smell was the only thing around? And the girls from Mika Miko weren’t legal alcohol drinkers? I do. I also remember all the fun times I had there, and will have...The Smell is 10yrs old kids.

photo by Dan Monick, as it appears on PaperMag's article on The Smell and Mika Miko. Read used without permission blah blah blah. Intellectual property rules!

Monday, January 21, 2008

its raining and i'm sick

so go to mr. Adam Roth's show, why? because if i was in San Francisco i would. i think i have a fever.i kinda miss SF...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Archive This!

So I once had a friend who told me that drawing and using materials that werent archival was a waste of time so you could imagine my surprise when I walked into a museum and saw some guy drawing on the floor with water. Fine, it was really a video projection of some guy drawing on the floor with water which I guess defeats my first sentence but... somehow, some way I couldnt shake off the feeling I had seen this before. Sure, it was interesting watching the drawings disappear as the water evaporated but...this was hella contrive! or maybe I am just getting old...or been to too many art shows. Yet, I must admit it was way more interesting watching some kids and their parents see some video projection of some man getting hanged in the previous room. Then again thats something an artsy fartsy person would say...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

what i did in mexico

i went to a where's waldo convention with my pigeon friends

went to Tonala: a place where arts and crafts are sometimes sold at almost wholesale price

had some Pedro Infante sightings (sell out!)

the end. i did more but you know...