Tuesday, July 31, 2007

now if i only had a helicopter

yep, before i regret not being here for the fecal face art show i had to remind myself: no, you cant be in two places in one. nope, not unless i had a helicopter...well you can go see Mika Miko on sunday while i will be seeing them on friday. good. i wont be bored at home wishing i was in san francisco. and i would totally be sad but i know that shit(the fecal face art show) is coming down to LA like it did last year, right?

and besides we have El Tropico to go to, for Shizu's solo show on saturday Aug 4.

i think thats the flyer on the right, and the Mika Miko "bulletin" on the left and their video on the bottom...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

boys in the Tenderloin

this was a while ago but whatever. here is some kids in the TL having fun (mostly boys). and there was people give out free crap and of course i drank it all and later had a stomach ache...

see there is kresta holding the free shit.

even at an early age this kid already knows he is too cool for school

boys, boys, boys, i do adore

there was a shooting around this area on monday. something about rival drug dealers. here is another pic of the TL but in the night. i will miss you SF, i will miss you.

diamonds and art

anyways, yesterday i found out about the new Damien Hirst art piece from the world's greatest website. i guess its a human skull covered in diamonds valued at about $99 billion (or £50 million). wow, talk about pricey. you know if i had money i would totally buy it then again, i would just end up wearing it... then get killed.

and another good thing to look forward to when i get home. seeing Melly's Solo show in LA. Here is a piece La Opinion did on her, in español...duh.

i really like this picture they took of her. here is more of her work...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

prozac with coke on the side

i wrote this yesterday and then later thought it was none of my business then this whole shit fell apart due to technical shit, whatever:

i was going to throw away this "fine" painting of some prozac pills i did almost two years ago but after seeing what a crappy mess it was i decided that it was best to keep and paint some velvet drapery in the back ground. taking about pills, guess who got arrested again? yep,and you know i think this is kinda sad. i mean the Paris thing was funny cuz lets face she sucks. but this girl, well she can actually do something...this reminds me of this crack head lady i met who knew the whole "rehab" deal like the back of her hand. god, she was annoying cuz she had a medical explanation for every time she fucked up. and she fucked up over and over and over again.

* coked out photo by reuters, or i guess more like the L.A. County Sheriff's Department

Monday, July 23, 2007

and no, Diane Arbus will not be showing...

my parents picked up all my crap yesterday drove it back to LA this weekend. i also got re-acquainted with my new dog. who i might add is an asshole but he is funny so i guess he is forgiven. he is kinda cute, but kinda ugly just dont tell my sister that.

anyways, i'm moving back to LA next week. i was going to leave later but my mom informed me i have an appointment with immigration so i can finally become a citizen. yep, that means no matter how many more 9/11s there might be (and hopefully won't) i'll never be kicked out. because lets face, thats one of the major fears that many legal and illegal residents of this country have(the laws changing suddenly cuz of mass hysteria against foreigners and its not like they dont love us enough already). see terrorism sucks. anyways, i'm going to be part of this art show on friday (8pm at artSF, 110 capp @ 16th, san francisco) you and your mother should come. the flyer is above.and here is ms. Arbus:

Friday, July 20, 2007

earthquake bitches!

anyways, earthquake today in the morning i would say around 4am. i woke up and felt stuff moving. of course my first reaction was: earthquake dream! then no, i realized that yes indeed a 4.2! ha ha ha ha...of course being the lazy ass that i'm i went back to bed after i "checked" for after shocks and peed, of course. no point of freaking out otherwise you'll just end up dead. my 6th grade P.E. teacher told me you're more likely to die of a heart attack then of crap falling on you. and you know its true if your 6th grade P.E. teacher tells you.
oh and check out the map above it shows 43 earthquakes in one week...lol. more info on the this website. so remember kids when the big one comes: have your shoes and coat by your bed-side that way you wont freeze your ass off and step on glass while the apocalypse comes. a good habit to have especially if you live in california.
*image taken from the U.S. Gelogical Survey website

Thursday, July 19, 2007

sorry, but i gotta keep up with the Virgin Mary

i had a dream last time that i had a kid, and she/he was really ugly. i remember holding her hand and then going down to look at her face and just thinking: so thats how our genes look together.poor kid. i try to hide my dissapointed face and thought to myself: well maybe if we pluck your eyebrows when youre older, you'll be pretty. the weird part about it is that it was christmas time and we were participating in a posada around the Mission. Yep, walking around Mission Street with a toddler, like it was nothing. Then the "father" joined us, doing the usual "hows your day been blah blah?". its not like we were a couple or anything. nope, in the dream i'm a single mom. and of course i was too busy trying to keep up with the Virgin Mary and Joseph to give a fuck about anything else especially holding a conversation. and besides didnt he know how important this event was to the cultural development of our child? god, shut up! then i woke up cuz i had to pee and thank god with no child in cite. funny...ha, ha, ha, with a sigh of relief.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

cuz i love her

wait for it, takes a sec to load...or start. but the beginning is my favorite:

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

5 gallons of egg shell white

*photo by Kresta Rae, taken at Dolores Park.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

4th of July because i feel like a hunchback

sure, i should be looking for a job or whatever...but the hell with that. before i forget 4th of July in SF. all day i tried remembering what i did last year before i joined my "party" and their festivities. i still dont remember. anyways, here are some pics. if anybody wants their pic remove just say so:

best kite ever

kids in the freezing water? what the hell? well actually it wasnt that cold...i regretted not having my swimsuit.

tourist beware, in my opinion the F cart is way better then the stupid trolley

the obligatory firework shot from Twin Peaks.

all and all, it was alright except for the next day you find out that some girl might loose her finger cuz some stupid jerk decided to throw an m60 in the crowd at Dolores Park, and then days later you find out about a girl sitting on the drain of a pool had her small intestines sucked out...damn. better then last year though, or at least for me. this time i knew it wasnt the next day.

Monday, July 9, 2007

and at time like this i wish

well i'm back to work after a month of not working...yep. just smile, and agree. vacation? sure. and guess who has a profile on Juxtapoz? ...hmmm, Retna. fuck yeah! is all i gotta say. here are some pics other people scanned from the magazine... i think there is release party for the mag this saturday at Club Six. I should really fix my bike and my shoes.

fuck, not even an hour back and they are already getting in my nerves. and my tocayo of sorts, Germs, has a show saturday July 14 at CoproNason Gallery, in Santa Monica and he is signing the toy he designed July 27 at VINYL TOY NETWORK from 6:00PM to 8:00PM
@ Jerome's Warehouse aka The Factory and July 28 at Comic-Con (both in San Diego)

well i guess i'm gonna go and do nothing productive with my life now.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

you might as well

i miss being in a dark room. i like putting commas every, where. i'm moving back to LA in less then a month...i been doing nothing but watching fucking movies in the natoma household, walking to the western addition or running after the 38 and fucking missing it then walking home or walking on market street...yeah fragmented random sentences are my favorite. oh yeah and carne asada at the end of the month to celebrate my departure from The City...

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Mission: school

my teeth hurt or the nerve ending that used to be attached to a tooth is hurting... a few months ago i was asked in LA what the differences were between LA and SF art. always the one to never like answering such questions i simply said, "there is more drawing in SF art" and quickly proceeded to running away. i may or not be right but when i think of SF art, drawings, and mixed media come to mind. you know, the whole Mission School bit insert goes here, whatever that means. so read this article (or not), Mission: school by Johnny Ray Huston, in it he talks about "Fer-ma-ta", the 37th annual UC Berkeley MFA graduate exhibition and Alicia McCarthy...and of course about art in the bay area...to bad i missed it. my favorite quote of the article:

"Here, as in other shows, her drawings are on already used surfaces: construction or packing paper and slabs of wood. The use of found material, while welcome in an ecological sense, has become cliche in Bay Area circles and beyond in the indie pop Found magazine culture".

here is a crappy picture i took of the art from the article, nerd? yes, but i'll remove if it bothers anyone. art above right, Alicia McCarthy, left(gray) Bridget Riley.

time for my pill.

truck runs over fire hydrant

so apparently the hotel across the street was getting rid of its old tv when somehow, someway the truck that was taking the tvs away rolled away, ran over the fire hydrant, hit two cars and hit the light post. since i was too lazy to get up when i initially heard the screams i only caught the after math...damn it!

birthday, goodbye and Pride

after not going out for a while, and much indecisiveness i finally boarded the 9 bus and headed to Jack's for some karaoke for Constance's birthday...when i got there they were all there, drunk as fuck. ha ha ha... karaoke always cracks me up and these people always know how to have a good time and in no time i was laughing my head off. i even saw the other joan, and we said hello. but like Cinderella i had to leave before midnight otherwise my muni bus was going to turn into a pumpkin and i was going to end up stuck in the middle of fucking nowhere...

a couple of days later headed over to Santa Cruz. i wish i would have brought my swimsuit thought...the weather was nice enough. the "french girl" is moving back down south...

the LGBT San Francisco Pride Parade the next day...i still havent gotten used to seeing naked man walking down the street. fun, i got sun burn though...


Silvia Ji has a solo show up at White Walls. I really like her paintings. why? fuck, i dont know maybe just a plain gut reaction (love at first sight? not knowing why or where? or how? )but i guess its because they are so beautiful...

i read a book a while ago that was about how all these people had died because they were so busy looking at paintings that they didnt even noticed there was a fire
going on in the same room, did i just spoil it for you? when i first read this i thought it was ridiculous but after looking at ms. Ji's paintings i can see how someone can be transfixed to death by beauty.

this one makes me blush...just a bit.


first day

i ate KFC for lunch this day and drank the remaining of my soda at the park across the street. it was really windy...thats almost a month ago, or thirty days on tuesday.