Tuesday, July 24, 2007

prozac with coke on the side

i wrote this yesterday and then later thought it was none of my business then this whole shit fell apart due to technical shit, whatever:

i was going to throw away this "fine" painting of some prozac pills i did almost two years ago but after seeing what a crappy mess it was i decided that it was best to keep and paint some velvet drapery in the back ground. taking about pills, guess who got arrested again? yep,and you know i think this is kinda sad. i mean the Paris thing was funny cuz lets face she sucks. but this girl, well she can actually do something...this reminds me of this crack head lady i met who knew the whole "rehab" deal like the back of her hand. god, she was annoying cuz she had a medical explanation for every time she fucked up. and she fucked up over and over and over again.

* coked out photo by reuters, or i guess more like the L.A. County Sheriff's Department

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