Friday, June 2, 2006

Dead Elotes, Germs, and LA

So I am really tired and cant go to bed. My feet smell. I went to LA on a sudden craziness moment...KRON 4 news just said that the 4th of July is a big tourist day and that San Francisco has a lot of tourist. Really? Maybe I should write the news. Oh yeah I went to LA...I need to take a shower:Art show at the Scion Space in “LA”.

From what I can tell this is Retna, and Germs(left to right). The background was collaboration between them two and Daniel Gonzalez...I think.

the next day my sis and me headed downtown on our way there we passed by the South Central Farm that is now defunct.... there were people there doing a vigil and a lot of the plants were dying.

dead elotes

then we saw these lovely ladies...Mika Miko at The Smell

And this lovely lady...

Then I went home in the morning. Which brings the next question: where is home? Oh well I guess I’ll figure it out one day...the end.Shower time.