Friday, April 27, 2007

because you gotta be in 3 places at once

go to this:

and that:

then this:

and i hope constance doesnt get mad i altered her invite...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Human Replacement Project

April 21, 2007
Richard Coleman
Human Replacement Project
Solo Exhibition

i dont think these photographs do
Richard Coleman justice but i guess that means you actually have to go see it. Its up right now until may 14 at Merry Karnowsky in LA.

Here are some pics of the opening night...

my favorite

lions and tigers and bears!

a crowd... with Mr. Fairey in the middle


i also ran into someone from SF which i thought was funny. which makes me wonder: when the hell is that fast train from SF to LA going to be build? that way i can be professional vagabond or at least go back and forth faster.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

But what about the speed in Speedy bags?

April 19, 2007
Last Stop Andale Posse Tour Party and Self Help Graphics Art show:
to preview (the Speedy G line aka clothes,etc), celebrate(Andale Posse's Tour) and display (Speedy inspired art).

I was an hour “late” granted no one noticed. But I must admit I was a bit disappointed when Kristin Cavallari was nowhere in sight. Oh well, I had already seen her in front of
the Villas leasing office anyways. The point is I was part of this show, was paid for my piece, there was free drinks, food, friends, friends to be made, one bathroom for everyone, Steve-O, and Mario Lopez so whatever! Oh yeah and I will probably got o hell for this but I only tipped the valet guy a dollar (and it was free valet), then again I was arguing with someone about something so grammatically incorrect that I even blocked it out of head to prevent future embarrassment. It had to do with Portugal and what their people are called. And it was also my birthday granted I don’t care about those kinds of birthdays anymore...if you know what I mean.

And what the hell? There was no dance party. Now I must admit I 'm no dance party starter but since I been hanging out with dance party aficionados for the past years I was a bit disappointed there wasn’t one this Saturday. Like what happens if I wanted to jump in and out of a dance party? I had to start one each time? Hell no!Now that's just too much work. And besides two people don’t start a dance party, you need at least three...

And also check out this
site for more pics or at least less blurry ones...

my two favorito mexicans

of course!

in front of my hard intense labor

having a profund and intense conversation about the meaning of life and how speedy gonzalez may or may not define us as mexicans


no, she is not drunk...

people, some with skateboards

more speedy art: Raul Caracoza print and I think Rico Maldonado

more, more: Lola Scarpitta and sorry but I didnt get teh name of the comic book artist

and again i didnt get the name

isnt there something missing?

more intense conversations

the end

Monday, April 23, 2007

crazy horse dreams

I must admit I had some crazy dream while staying at home in LA. One of them had to do with something about a little girl running and some brown horse. I somehow made a wrong turn somewhere and the horse turned into one of those Edward Scissor hand statues.
The second one had to do with me hooking up with some guy from some art school. I remember walking down the halls and seeing all the crappy art and just being completely weird and super needy. The third one I was holding one of my x boy friend's hand and walking around in The City. It felt like it was dawn or something. I remember looking up and going...what the fuck is going on? I woke up feeling disgusted.

photo taken from a google search. I didnt take it, or shoot it or whatever.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Kickball Tournament and un-Birthday Party

Sunday April 15
i 'm going to turn 24 next week... great. So I decided to celebrate it at Dolores Park, kicking some balls. And we did. In the end I felt really sick. Must have been food poisoning or something. I also met this guys who kept talking about 420...too bad i dont care. i also got gift and bought a book about the "colorful world of cats" and a book about the bible where jesus is nowhere to be found.

PHotoRealness, or I'm leaving right now

My friends came to visit from LA. One of them had an uncle who had died and his funeral was on Saturday. So being the good Mexicans that we are all we decided spend some time in The my mom said "el muerto al oyo y el vivo al gozo"? or something like that. The point is me and my other friend waited all day for our other friend until night came and then I knew it was time head out and put frankly: party or at least get the hell out of my studio.

So we headed to the
Gray Area Gallery which "...unveil its first ever photography showcase. Entitled PHoto REALness, the show frames itself around ten San Francisco based artists, all of whom are as prolific and iconic as the subjects in their work. Coalescing for the first time in a single venue, artists Robert Guzman, House of Herrera, Molly DeCoudreaux, Eric Stein, Keith Aguiar, Ken Woodard, Jody Jock, Mattie Gates, Alexx Conroy, Jessica Tanzer, and Jacob Sperber...". Yes, I know you're not supppose to chop up sentences like that but you know... So it was fun, until I had to leave early. Here are some pics:

the all mighty flier

checking out people

checking out the art

checking out the shoes

i like this: House of Herrera

i like this too, but i think its left over from their last show or at least it was in their backroom

this too: Trish Grantham "Good & Soory" 2006

afterwards we headed to a "gradiose" bar in North Beach in an alley far, far, far away

ay que piche cute

the night ended with tons of beer and listening to Chingo Bling

Monday, April 9, 2007

April 5, Part I

First Thursday: its that time of the month again to head on over to 49 geary...five floors of art(all different galleries), from 5 - 7:30pm

Ajna Lichau installations at Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art(2nd floor)

from April 5 -May 23, 2007

paper rolled standing up on it own = sculptures? i just wanted to kick it and maybe see some form of domino effect. but i didnt. i think it would have been too mean of me considering how much work the artist probably put into making it...and it would be just plain asshole of me. but i was impressed by the idea of it all.

Catherine Wagner,a Narrative History of the Light Bulb at Stephen Wirtz Gallery (3rd Floor)

the colors were absolutely beautiful...too bad this pictures sucks.

the blue boy of sorts ...and i dont remember the artist or gallery. the same on teh cats but i will also update that...soon.

kitty cats!!!!!

just what i need a floor full of scales....

and also checkout Fraenkel Gallery and Nicholas Nixon's photos and they actually have the whole entire exhibition online. or at least most of it.

April 5, Part 2: When More is Less

After 49, we headed over to 111 Minna to check out the show and get a drink...maybe? And I apologize inadvance for not having everyone's name...which I will fix sooner then later.

the name i will soon get knowledge of...

still one of my favorites:
Monica Canilao with a bit of Serena Cole showing on the right side

Sham Saenz

tape sculpting with a
guinness on the side

time to hear the
Ohsees sing

nice shoes lady, one of the Ohsees singer

a side view

Osama on a crate, forgot to write the artist name...time to go home and go to work tomorrow.

in conclusion, i need to remember to write things down and not just have fun. sorry, i will improve because the memory is short. even if no one reads this...

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The 29th Annual Stupid Parade!

Sunday April's Fools I went to the Saint Supid Parade thrown by the The First Church of the Last Laugh. The parade was really funny. It ended at North Beach's Washington Square where the question was asked: "What is Benjamin Franklin doing in Washington Square?" Funny. Of course the guy who is always naked was there, and everybody with their stupid signs and chants...duh!

some pics:

"No, more chanting! No more chanting! No,more chanting!"

jesus christ superstar

the end is near!

12 Galaxies! Frank Chu spoke, of course...