Monday, April 9, 2007

April 5, Part 2: When More is Less

After 49, we headed over to 111 Minna to check out the show and get a drink...maybe? And I apologize inadvance for not having everyone's name...which I will fix sooner then later.

the name i will soon get knowledge of...

still one of my favorites:
Monica Canilao with a bit of Serena Cole showing on the right side

Sham Saenz

tape sculpting with a
guinness on the side

time to hear the
Ohsees sing

nice shoes lady, one of the Ohsees singer

a side view

Osama on a crate, forgot to write the artist name...time to go home and go to work tomorrow.

in conclusion, i need to remember to write things down and not just have fun. sorry, i will improve because the memory is short. even if no one reads this...

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