Tuesday, April 24, 2007

But what about the speed in Speedy bags?

April 19, 2007
Last Stop Andale Posse Tour Party and Self Help Graphics Art show:
to preview (the Speedy G line aka clothes,etc), celebrate(Andale Posse's Tour) and display (Speedy inspired art).

I was an hour “late” granted no one noticed. But I must admit I was a bit disappointed when Kristin Cavallari was nowhere in sight. Oh well, I had already seen her in front of
the Villas leasing office anyways. The point is I was part of this show, was paid for my piece, there was free drinks, food, friends, friends to be made, one bathroom for everyone, Steve-O, and Mario Lopez so whatever! Oh yeah and I will probably got o hell for this but I only tipped the valet guy a dollar (and it was free valet), then again I was arguing with someone about something so grammatically incorrect that I even blocked it out of head to prevent future embarrassment. It had to do with Portugal and what their people are called. And it was also my birthday granted I don’t care about those kinds of birthdays anymore...if you know what I mean.

And what the hell? There was no dance party. Now I must admit I 'm no dance party starter but since I been hanging out with dance party aficionados for the past years I was a bit disappointed there wasn’t one this Saturday. Like what happens if I wanted to jump in and out of a dance party? I had to start one each time? Hell no!Now that's just too much work. And besides two people don’t start a dance party, you need at least three...

And also check out this
site for more pics or at least less blurry ones...

my two favorito mexicans

of course!

in front of my hard intense labor

having a profund and intense conversation about the meaning of life and how speedy gonzalez may or may not define us as mexicans


no, she is not drunk...

people, some with skateboards

more speedy art: Raul Caracoza print and I think Rico Maldonado

more, more: Lola Scarpitta and sorry but I didnt get teh name of the comic book artist

and again i didnt get the name

isnt there something missing?

more intense conversations

the end

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