Sunday, April 1, 2007

Galeria Mason Gave Me Rug Burn

Last week, Friday night, I had an art show in my small studio in downtown San Francisco. Why?... Why not? The art show was scheduled from 6pm-9pm. By 6:15pm I was freaking out thinking no one was going to come. I don't remember when the first guest came or the last one left, but before you knew it my wee little studio was jammed packed with people and art…of course. There were 17 contributing artist with 60 art pieces on display. The funniest part of the night was this random girl that walked in, went into the restroom, did some coke, walked out and came back five minutes later all "spunky and what not". The next day I woke up with a rug burn on my elbow and two empty boxes of 2 Buck Chuck everywhere. Thanks to everyone who came out, and contributed. And special thanks to Sara G for helping me curate. The end.

Here are some pics.

some art...abridged.

art goers

someone got closet, where i stored my "belongings".


the hostess...color coordinating the clothes with the drinks

more art..."kinda" blurry.

sing along

now really the end...for now.