Wednesday, December 26, 2007

you think its tough now? come to mexico

im in mexico right now. i been here for almost a month. i know understand the whole day of the dead more seeing how there is so many accidents and dead people everyday. Everyday it seems we (my family) hear about some muertito from somewhere. and then there is a tons of pollution here...and i been watching my gradma´s novela which is hella campy but whatever. oh yeah and the theme song was sang by Sergio Gomez from the band K-Paz de la Sierra, who surprise, surprise recently died...i mean killed.

Ofrendas...tu sabes

Ofrendas @ Tropico de Nopal
November 2, 2007

day of the dead, one of my favorite "holidays" besides from new year's and recently thanksgiving. anyways, i had fun if not an akward time but isnt that way day of the dead is all about: facing akward situations? no, i know thats its not about that but you know what i mean. now some art aka installitions aka altars.

this was my favorito, i guess cuz of the floating candles and the pillows.
monitos con cereal fruti lups

flores y un colchon
mis favoritas artistas

you see how the light catches the essence of the mood?