Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ewww...there is a maggot in my art

Gross, gross, gross. I was supposed to see an art in the Mission about whales but no!!! Somehow I mess up on time and was unable to because I had dinner plans with my friend. My friend noticed I was a bit disappointed so trying to lift my spirits he suggested we check out the gallery across the street from our restaurant.

Surprise! Maggots on display at 20 goto 10 Gallery and it was for one night only so if you missed out too bad! But here are some pics...

Oh yeah and there needles of some sort and a microscope to look at the maggots up close all moving...ewww. Hmmm, time to eat some Thai food.

Protesting is Hard to Do

I woke up hung over, and after settling on a "protesting outfit" I headed to Civic Center to check out the protesting. When i got there no one was there except the vendors. There is vendors in protest? I thought, and apparently so...even a Paletero Man.

I was about to doze of on the grass when suddenly out of nowhere there was protesters everywhere.

Anyways, check out this multimedia piece done by the Golden Gate Express on the protest. It definitely captures the energy of the day...Good job Kresta!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sensacional! Mexican Street Graphics

After the vivienne westwood "ceremony" i headed to the yerba buena center for the arts in SF where they had "sensacional:mexican street graphics""celebrates the vernacular design of Mexico, where a rough, idiosyncratic beauty arises from a mom-and-pop street economy". Or in another words, street signs, a giant luchador, posters, novela book covers,etc. It was really are some stolen shots. Shhhh...dont tell the ybca.

the only bad part about the exhibition was that they had this video showing in the same space which was weird because in the other room especially dedicated to just videos. i guess they figure since it had to with mexicans it was okay...lame. But this is still good.

Vivienne Westwood Stalker

It was Vivienne Westwood weekend. Went to the "Couture and Cocktails: Exhibition Opening Party for Vivienne Westwood" friday at the de Young...people were overdress. The show ended and we ended up at Delirium...It was too early and we were too dressed up to say goodnight.

The next day I saw Dame Westwood get her honorary doctored from the Academy of Art. I have to say she made me laugh till no end. She reminded me very much of Mr.Lydon.
She pretty much said there is no talent out there, to stop buying stuff, and she never compromised anything because she always did things her way. I like her.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Oakland Fun

My art was up in the all inclusive/saloon-style Over Hung 3: Well Hung at Boontling Gallery in Oakland. I must admit I actually freaked out at one point by the amount of people and the lack of space there was...But it was fun. Afterwards we went to a bar a couple of blocks away with the most "diverse" group of people I ever a bar at least.

crowded claustrophia!


what are you doing sitting on the floor there?

what? at the bar...