Sunday, June 22, 2008

looks like a comet landed in downtown LA

*if my camera actually worked it would actually look like a comet landed in LA aka a construction site down First street

so i spent the whole weekend on the blue line/red line/downtown shuffle so today i was really tired. really tired. i have a funny story to tell but out of respect(?) for the parties involved i'm
not going to say a word. all i have to say get your shit together! now that i think about it the story is not funny but more like anger inducing.

anyways, i'm waiting for my new camera in the mail and i just bought a table saw. so that means no more blurry pictures and hopefully more work. in the mean while, why are all the bars red?

p.s. i actually know why.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

3 videos Mr. West?

so me and the sister had been trying to figure out if there was a second part to the Kanye West video "Flashing Lights" know, what the hell happens after the girl hits him with the shovel? apparently 2 more videos that have nothing to do with the first one. i guess Mr. West didn't like how the first two came out so he made another one. i personally like the first one the best.

the latest one, 3

this one reminds me of the movie Gia , 2

my favorito, 1

so the other day a kid tells me he feels bad. i ask him whats wrong, he then tells me he can't go number 3. what the hell is number 3?