Sunday, March 30, 2008

bus riding is hard to do

sooner or later i will get the hint that LA is not SF and you cannot take public transportation to get around. my crappy little digital camera broke down. it no longer focuses anything, among other things. so i went to two art shows last night. one in downtown and the other one in echo park.

while riding around on the bus i realized that the whole city looked hella empty and... creepy. creepier when that bum hiding behind some bench looked like he was straight out of a zombie movie.

blurry ass art and tons of wine.

my dog, i gotta go and try to get some art done.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

cuz i hella love photography right now

i really, really, do...again. so if i take your picture, over, and over again dont get all weird on me. i'll give you a print if the pic is good. but if it really bothers you should tell me. and here is a photograph of ms. Nan Goldin, by ms. Nan Goldin. she is one of my favoritas so you should buy me one of her books for my birthday.

today i went to the zoo. i hate the zoo. i did see the king vulture, so that was cool.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

cuz classy ladies drink 40 oz while waiting for their pink cloud

if you still havent seen my flag up on 6th Street i suggest you do before the wind destroys it. i'm going to be working on another one soon(my sewing machine is getting fixed as we speak). click here to look at a map. it hanging on sixth street before you get to stevenson...cross street with market, in san fracisco california of course.

here is a musical selection to lift the i felt like crap all day. now i'm waiting for a phone call so i can jump on the metro and head downtown.

Friday, March 14, 2008

stop fucking with my mind Kanye West

i love this video. does anybody know if there is more? or is this it? i think this is it. which is why i guess it makes it all the better.