Monday, April 9, 2007

April 5, Part I

First Thursday: its that time of the month again to head on over to 49 geary...five floors of art(all different galleries), from 5 - 7:30pm

Ajna Lichau installations at Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art(2nd floor)

from April 5 -May 23, 2007

paper rolled standing up on it own = sculptures? i just wanted to kick it and maybe see some form of domino effect. but i didnt. i think it would have been too mean of me considering how much work the artist probably put into making it...and it would be just plain asshole of me. but i was impressed by the idea of it all.

Catherine Wagner,a Narrative History of the Light Bulb at Stephen Wirtz Gallery (3rd Floor)

the colors were absolutely beautiful...too bad this pictures sucks.

the blue boy of sorts ...and i dont remember the artist or gallery. the same on teh cats but i will also update that...soon.

kitty cats!!!!!

just what i need a floor full of scales....

and also checkout Fraenkel Gallery and Nicholas Nixon's photos and they actually have the whole entire exhibition online. or at least most of it.

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