Tuesday, July 10, 2007

4th of July because i feel like a hunchback

sure, i should be looking for a job or whatever...but the hell with that. before i forget 4th of July in SF. all day i tried remembering what i did last year before i joined my "party" and their festivities. i still dont remember. anyways, here are some pics. if anybody wants their pic remove just say so:

best kite ever

kids in the freezing water? what the hell? well actually it wasnt that cold...i regretted not having my swimsuit.

tourist beware, in my opinion the F cart is way better then the stupid trolley

the obligatory firework shot from Twin Peaks.

all and all, it was alright except for the next day you find out that some girl might loose her finger cuz some stupid jerk decided to throw an m60 in the crowd at Dolores Park, and then days later you find out about a girl sitting on the drain of a pool had her small intestines sucked out...damn. better then last year though, or at least for me. this time i knew it wasnt the next day.

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