Monday, July 23, 2007

and no, Diane Arbus will not be showing...

my parents picked up all my crap yesterday drove it back to LA this weekend. i also got re-acquainted with my new dog. who i might add is an asshole but he is funny so i guess he is forgiven. he is kinda cute, but kinda ugly just dont tell my sister that.

anyways, i'm moving back to LA next week. i was going to leave later but my mom informed me i have an appointment with immigration so i can finally become a citizen. yep, that means no matter how many more 9/11s there might be (and hopefully won't) i'll never be kicked out. because lets face, thats one of the major fears that many legal and illegal residents of this country have(the laws changing suddenly cuz of mass hysteria against foreigners and its not like they dont love us enough already). see terrorism sucks. anyways, i'm going to be part of this art show on friday (8pm at artSF, 110 capp @ 16th, san francisco) you and your mother should come. the flyer is above.and here is ms. Arbus:

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