Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ever get the feeling you're getting old?

this definitely has to be my favorite pic of the kids from The Smell.

Last time I was in downtown LA I felt really old, and I am not (or maybe I am?). Then I realized that maybe I should start developing more “mature” tastes but then after running into a line of yuppies trying to get in a club I realized I was to “young” for that. Point is, downtown isn’t what it used to be baby! But of course everybody knew that already except for me…remember when The Smell was the only thing around? And the girls from Mika Miko weren’t legal alcohol drinkers? I do. I also remember all the fun times I had there, and will have...The Smell is 10yrs old kids.

photo by Dan Monick, as it appears on PaperMag's article on The Smell and Mika Miko. Read used without permission blah blah blah. Intellectual property rules!

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