Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May is here, April is gone...

i waited. i held out. and somehow friday came...the weekend is my weakness.went to ms.J's trunk show at Minna. impressive fine, beatiful jewelery and martinis

the art show still up

party time at Constance’s masquerade ball

not drunk...just dreaming of the secret boyfriend.

see i saw some art...fine, it was just a niagara poster

peacock performance art

nice shoes

ahhhhhhhhhhhh yeah...

why didn’t i think of this? nice dress made by her

hey children where is your mother? outside the party, in an alley, in the mission and i heard caredee from America's next top model was there and i went outside and no one was there. so if you got proof hand it over...not that i watched America's next top model...go Jaslene!

argh, i'm going to beat you up...don’t dry your fake fur in the drier...duh!

the bestest masks ever

the next day, at Minna (again) and the remainder of the fashion show i missed...not my fault though. that i missed it. backwards fragmented sentences.

dark laughter

and maybe i shouldn’t have taken this pic but whatever.
hey where the hell is Bigfoot?


tomorrow is May 1. get some sleep.

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