Wednesday, May 23, 2007

art falling from the sky and the neon, sequins mystery kinda solved

i'm fucking bored. they changed my hours at my job so now i have to stay here later then usual...which is hella boring. anyways, sunday sara and i decided to walk from 16th Mission all the way to the powell station. on our way home i spotted a journal on the floor. i guess if its yours hit me up(you'll just need to describe it) has a story about harold or something. the point is the journal came with some postcards(?)...

one similar to this by Jaime Scholnick...i love it when art falls from the sky, for free.

*image taken from

i also found an article on why all the kids are going crazy over neon and metallic crap. its by Dmitri Siegel, with pics by Mark the Cobra Snake. sure, i admit it me too but i personally just do it to annoy the shit out of people. and i just think it fun to wear tacky clothes. the article points out that if kids are wearing clothes that obviously makes them stand out they must not feel alienated or bored. i think i read it like 3/4 times over and over and nothing would stick...damn, i love fragmented incomplete sentences.

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