Friday, May 25, 2007

art loves money

yesterday i blew the dust of my Hole CD and while listening i started to wonder who the hell it was that had done all the art work for them, or at least the cover. and surprise, surprise it was Ellen Von unWerth. i dont even know why i had never bother finding out who had done so many of the pictures of Hole. well i know why...cuz i didnt care about those things back then.

i heard on the radio Courtney Love is angry over a Dr. Martens ad in which Kurt Cobain, along with Sid Vicious, and Joey Ramone appear in heaven wearing the boots. the ad agency responsible for the ads are claiming its a homage to the dead heroes but i personally believe anything time you use a fallen hero to sell shit and not pay the surviving party/ies you arent really paying homage to no one. except maybe your is the ad, taken from

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