Monday, December 4, 2006

Nothing beats seeing your x-boyfriend with his new girlfriend then waking up in Oakland

Now i must admit i had a hunch i was the gentleman tonight but lets face it: The City is 7x7 (miles square). So unless i intended to never go to another art show again this was pretty much unavoidable. And besides, I had two shoes to go to!

First show: The Dispossessed,
Monica Canilao Solo Show at Needles and Pens.


bird prints and instillation

installation, people looking around

I ran into someone from work...kind off and was invited to a party in Oakland. Of course my first reaction was: hell no! I dont want to die! So I said maybe and headed to White Walls and the Shooting Gallery in the TL...

Second Show: Water Under the Bridge,
Sam Flores Solo Show @ White Walls Gallery

fucking beautiful but i must admit i'm not a fan of sunflowers...

"The Puppies"

I was ready to go home but it felt too early to go home. Of couple of phone calls, and many hours later...

How do I get home again? well at least I had my bike with me.

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